Courtney + Josh (6.2.2019)

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

You ever have those days that don't go as planned, but yet there is such beauty in the chaos? That's how I'd categorize this classic and beautiful wedding at the lovely Vecoma at the Yellow River on Sunday, June 2, 2019. You see Courtney was a dream bride for us. Seriously, such a go with the flow bride, but also cared immensely about the details. The perfect duo, am I right? Oh yea, forgot to mention that she gave me SO much creative freedom, which us wedding vendors constantly crave.

Killin' it: Ceremony Set Up

The day started as usual for us, packing the trailer, tying bouquets, finishing the boutonnieres. The forecast - literally PERFECT. We were so excited. There were a total of 4 of us working for this wedding since we were on a serious time frame of 2 hours which is completely doable if things go EXACTLY as planned, but it seems as though God had a different plan. We focused on our set up outside first. In under an hour we finished it in order for the lovely photographer, Sarah Folsom with Gracious Company to come in and take beautiful detail shots and to grab pre-ceremony photos.

Not Such an Easy Task: Reception Set Up

After hanging out in the Georgia heat for a little while, we marveled at our set up for a second or two, then headed inside for the Reception set up. Although we weren't worried about the weather, Vecoma's rain plan is typically under the covered patio that overlooks this gorgeous outdoor setup. Without a drop or really a cloud in sight, we continued to set up things inside the reception area. We were only a few minutes from being complete with setup and then a rumble came. Not sure who I asked at that specific moment, but I rhetorically asked "was that thunder?"

Vecoma at the Yellow River has gorgeous windows surrounding the whole place and as I looked up, simultaneously a wave of darkness waved back at me through the window. We pulled up the radar, sure enough out of no where, a black cloud came over Snellville, 30 minutes before the ceremony. After assessing the situation, the patio wasn't a good idea because rain was coming in sideways. Seriously, it was hurricane weather. So, the venue owner made the call to bring it inside and we restructured the place for an aisle. Unfortunately, we had no time to grab everything we set up outside, but luckily I had TONS of extra greenery and florals, so we bulked up the mantle.

Pepping up the Bride: Floral Addition

After this news came through, the Maid of Honor was on top of things - seriously what a blessing she was. She made sure that Courtney's opinion was heard (since guests were already coming in and the bride couldn't just walk around freely). Since the ceremony was delayed slightly, I went up to the bridal suite to bring floral cheer - everything seems better if flowers are in your hair, right?

After chatting with the bride and helping out as much I could, it was time for her to walk down the aisle to the love of her life and seriously it was beautiful.

At the End of the Day

Sure rain came blowing through without a sign, but Courtney and Josh got married and it was one of the most gorgeous and raw emotion ceremonies I've ever witnessed. Rain can put a damper on your big day, but be joyous in it! Their post ceremony photos were THAT more amazing because of the clouds and rain. Just take a look for yourself...

See more at their wedding video (link below)

Special Thanks to all vendors!

Venue: Vecoma at the Yellow River

Photography: Gracious Company

Videography: Sydney Lord

Floral + Decor: Your Best Guest

Hair + Makeup: Kayla Walters Hair

Cake: Cakes by Anna

Ceremony Music: Cale Brandon Violinist

DJ: Kirk Moten

Officiant: Mike McGarvey

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